Our Programs

Women Empowerment

ACC is dedicated to the betterment of Muslims in America, including those historically left behind but are the backbone of every society: women. Alhamdulillah, since our inception, we’ve awarded 168 female students with interest-free loans.

Educational Justice

The ACC for Educational Justice program aims to serve communities that have been historically underrepresented in the educational system. We will focus on serving the African American communities in the first two years. We will then expand the program to serve the Latino and refugee communities in future years.

Help A Student With Sadaqah Jariyah

What if we said your donation to ACC was like planting a money tree? An endless supply of funds to support Muslim students with a a riba-free education. Every dollar we loan out is repaid and passed on to the next student so your dollar never dies.

Break The Chains Of Riba

Thousands of Muslim students are struggling to attain an education in the US today because their only option is to do so by falling into riba. Your support to this program can protect students from falling prey to a system that is crippling them. With your help we can fight this system by providing them with a halal, stress-free alternative.

Waqf (Endowment)

Help us become self-sustaining to focus our energies on serving as many students as possible. Establishing a Waqf will help the organization and the cause of riba-free education to live on well beyond our time.

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